How to Choose the Best Casino Sites for You 

Casinos – Choosing the best casinos to play at is important, and with so many casino sites available, you can choose the bonuses that suit your interests. What is important for you? Our in-house casino review team has rated every casino found on this site, and from this, we have chosen our list of top online casino sites for the UK. Below is our full list of casinos online that made it onto our Best Casino Sites list. For more information regarding each casino and its subsequent bonuses, simply click on the name of the casino and you will be taken to the review page.

Best Casino Sites (Full List)

What to Look for When Choosing a New Casino Site: 

  1. Good Welcome Offer
  2. Great range of Tables and games
  3. Good selection of Slots
  4. Easy and Varied Banking Options
  5. Trusted and recommended by our expert team

Good Welcome Offer

One thing you may be looking for is an incentive to register a new account. Thankfully the online casino market is a busy and competitive place and this plays into the hands of potential new customers with sites fighting for your business. One weapon they use against competitors is offering new customers incentives to join. This is where you can benefit from free spins, welcome bonuses, and sign up offers.

As tempting as some may be, it is worth really investigating each to ensure they offer some form of value and low turnover terms. An offer alone should not be the sole reason to register a new account which is why we recommend browsing a few of the full user reviews, here on-site, before making any commitment to an offer. This way you can ensure you are signing up with an online casino that will not only suit you for the right now but will cover all your casino needs ongoing into the future.

For more info on the different types of offers you see in the list above as well as a full list of latest offers head to our casino offers page.

Great Range of Tables and Games 

One other element that can be claimed to be ‘better’ is the choice of tables and games available to play online. With sometimes scores of tables for Blackjack and roulette with different wagering limits. 

The virtual choice and ease of switching between tables and games make the user experience better in many ways. If you have not tried an online casino site, then give one of our recommended sites a go and let us know if you think the online experience is better or not. You can do this by adding your review on any of our casino review pages. 

Many people simply look through the list of offers and choose a casino site based on that. Free spins, especially no deposit free spins  and other casino sign up offers like deposit match are a great way to try out a new casino. If you like the casino and it has your favourite games, you may stick around after your initial test using the welcome offer. 

If you want to research much more before choosing a new casino site to try out then you will be interested in our upcoming casino reviews and casino guides. These will provide detailed information on the games which each casino site offers and how they differ from the many UK casino sites out there. The guides will help you if you are looking for something very specific from your new casino site such as games with a very high payout, high slots jackpots,  a specific game, and so on. 

Good Selection of Slots 

If online casino slots are your thing then, tell me the last time you walked into a land-based casino and found more than 500 slots lined up and ready to play. Slots are so popular with online casino players that they are often the no.1. reason for choosing an online casino site. It is for this reason that we have a separate page that goes into much detail to help you to choose the best online slots to play, after that choice you may then decide which casino site to play them at. 

Easy and varied Banking Options 

The one thing you will want to have at your disposal if you have a big win at an online casino is the ability to make a withdrawal back to your card, e-wallet, or bank as easy as possible. Thanks to ever-improving online banking technology, this is pretty much always the case. But do be aware of withdrawal limits with various casinos. Some may have a payment plan in place for huge wins whereby monthly payments are made rather than a single lump-sum amount of a huge jackpot win.

Online Casino Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

  1. Debit cards
  2. e-Wallets like Paypal Neteller
  3. Bank transfers
  4. Retail Cash deposits

Easy deposit online casinos

As well as an easy option to make a withdrawal when you win at an online casino, you will want a simple process for depositing funds too. Whether you use credit or debit cards, bank transfers, or e-Wallet solutions, an excellent online casino site will offer a full range of deposit options. If you make a deposit, you will want those funds to be available to play with immediately. All of the listed casino sites on this page offer instant play with all deposits, so feel free to choose any one above to get started with.

The one exception may be a bank draft or cheque payment, although rarely used these days, these will take a little longer to become available to play with but are hardly used any more.

Trusted and recommended by our expert Team 

All casino sites listed on this page are trusted and recommended by our expert team. We have spent hours reviewing the casino sites we list, playing the games, testing the bonuses, depositing and withdrawing, checking the customer service, and much more.

New Casino Sites

New Casino sites in the UK are: 

  1. Casino Gods
  2. Casino Planet
  3. Kassu
  4. Casushi
  5. Casoola

This list of casino sites for the UK will be updated regularly to bring you brand new casino sites. On here we have some casino sites which have been online since the early 2000s and others which have been launched in 2020. The list will keep growing as there are now some 100 legal licensed online casino sites in the UK with new casino sites being launched every week. 

Which online casinos have the best payouts?

Casino games are fixed odds with a house edge, and slot games have a return to player value of varying degrees. So in terms of looking for an online casino that pays out any more than another is a dead end. The odds are the same in whichever game you play regardless of which casino you are playing at.

Where things may differ is the level of welcome bonus or free spins you may receive when first signing up for the casino or the loyalty rewards of existing customer promotions on offer from time to time. Check out the casino reviews above to see how users have found the welcome offers and ongoing promotions and if there is more benefit from one to another. But for which casino pays out the most, they all pay the same in relative odds terms. Some slots payout more than others and this high payout slots guide will help you find them. 

Do online casinos have better odds?

This can be answered in the same manner as the question above in that, the odds playing online casino games are the same as in house casino. You may have a more extensive choice of betting options and variations of video games online, but the basic casino game probabilities and odds remain precisely the same. What will be different is things like welcome offers and bonuses, free spins, and ongoing promotions available online that you wouldn’t expect to receive playing in a land-based casino. If you are smart and can factor this into your overall experience and profit and loss, then one might be able to claim online casino play can be more profitable, or less expensive. 

Online Casino Games

  1. Roulette
  2. BlackJack
  3. Baccarat
  4. Video Poker
  5. Slots
  6. Scratch Cards

As well as the traditional casino games you would expect to see in a land-based casino, you will find a host of other options when choosing to play casino online.

Roulette, Blackjack, baccarat, video poker, and slots are standard fare, but the online casino comes up trumps with variations on these games. With the advent of new technology allowing you to play table games with real life, live dealers too, the casino experience online is becoming better and better,

What are the best online casino games?

The best online casino games are a matter of personal choice. While one player may enjoy roulette but never play Blackjack, quite the opposite might be said by another.

The game with the lowest house edge is Blackjack, so if looking for the best game in terms of the house edge, then Blackjack is the game for you.

For slots, the RTP or ‘Return to player’ percentage is a guide to which slots payout the most, or at least are programmed to pay the most relative to the stake over an undetermined time. All slots have to have an RTP level, which can range from as low as 90% up to 99.9% – The higher the percentage level, the better for the player in the long term.

Online Casino Slots

The great thing about online casino sites is they are usually packed full of online slot games to play. The one online sites have in terms of an advantage over the land-based casinos is the space to host just about as many slot machines as you could imagine. Taking up only virtual space, some online casino sites have nearly 1000 different slots of various types with crazy features and some huge progressive jackpots.

Staking can be anything between 10p and some ridiculously high spin values. There will be more than enough choice and sufficient staking variation to suit just about any slot player on the planet. Add to that, everything is settled instantly, and deposits and withdrawals can be made on the spot, and slot game playing at a casino site is a vast new world.

Select a slot with a good RTP. below is a guide the percentage and advice on how often to play them

Slot Game RTP’s Levels

  1. 97%+    Most Often
  2. 95-97%    Less Often
  3. 93-95%    Rarely
  4. Under 93%    Try to Avoid

The slots are the big earner for the casino sites, so expect them to be very much promoted. Some sites will offer weekly slot tournaments and other free spin loyalty programs and other promotions. This is to keep you playing as regular as they can. Not all slop promotions are as good as others, so ensure you understand precisely the terms and conditions before being convinced to play a slot you might not otherwise have chosen. Free spins promotions can offer a chance to play a new slot for the first time risk-free and get a feel, but otherwise, try to stick to the slots that you know first and foremost and use the bonuses to try a new one. New slots are released every week and are very numerous. This is to ensure players do not become bored or tired with the current selection, so expect to find a ‘new’ section on the menu and fresh slots to be promoted with ads around the home pages.

All that said, slot fans will love online casino sites, for the range, features, reel types, bonuses and free spin features that can be found.

Where to play casinos online?

Where to play casino online can be taken in two ways, meaning either

Physically where to play, or Virtually, where to play, such as what site?

To address the first point, with mobile technology and many casino apps being built specifically for mobile use these days, you can play physically just about anywhere you want to on your mobile device so long as you have a good internet connection or 4G signal

As to where in terms of which casino to play at, the choice can be mind-boggling. Thankfully, all of the recommended casinos at the top of this page are fully vetted and safe to play at. There are also real user reviews, too, so you can see what the user experience is like, what games are available, and how easy it is to use the casino site. Feel free to scroll back up and check out some reviews and the bonuses on offer for opening a new account.

Why online casinos are better?

  1. Convenience
  2. Play Anywhere
  3. Play Anytime
  4. Online promotions and benefits

A question often asked is whether online casinos are better to play than land-based venues. Well, while registration rules are pretty much the same, playing online has far easier access, in terms of not having to travel to a place to play. Mobile technology allows us to play online casino sites wherever we want. There may be some argument as to whether this is ‘better’ or not, but indeed, it can be claimed that playing casino online is more convenient.

Online Casino Security

Are online casinos rigged?

When people ask if an online casino is rigged, they are probably asking if that casino is genuine or not. They made be concerned about the security and safety of their funds, and if they will be paid if they are fortunate to have a huge win.

In terms of the games that can be played, all odds are fixed and random number generators are used under strict legislation to ensure they operate true and fairly. Tested regularly to ensure they continue to operate in the correct manner

The fact is, betting at an online casino site in the UK, is as safe as it could be as long as you follow a few simple rules but also keep in mind that there is an element of risk involved as with all forms of gambling.

Ensure you are registered and using a casino site that is licensed by the UK gambling commission. This provides you with not only the security of knowing that the site is operating under law and legislation but also offers protection in the case of a dispute or the business having trouble.

As an added safety net, only licensed and regulated online casino sites are listed on the pages of casinosbible and specifically in the list above.

UK Casinos FAQs

  1. Why do online casinos offer bonuses? Bonuses are offered to potential new players. The reason the casinos do this is to attract new customers who will hopefully turn into regular or long term players who will provide the casino with profit over the time the players used the online games. The online casino space is jam-packed with options, so offering a good welcome bonus can stand one out against another. It is imperative to fully understand the terms and conditions of each offer, however. It is much the same as a reduced-priced for the first purchase of a TV package or other subscription you might make. It is encouraging the potential customer to try the casino first or switch from another when looking to try a new casino out.
  2. Which online casino pays the quickest? All casinos have very similar payout times. One thing that can speed up payout at any casino is to use an e-wallet solution. Something like PayPal Skrill, Neteller, etc. Most casinos will administer withdrawal requests within 24 hours, and e-wallet payments are then instant. This is opposed to credit and debit card withdrawals that will be dealt with by the casino within 24 hours but will take between three and five days for banks to sort out and have the money in your account.
  3. Are online casinos safe? A similar but very different question to the above, the answer is pretty much the same. So long as the casino site you decide to register with and use is operating under license from the UK gambling commission, you can be assured that it is safe to use, so far as the law is concerned and the protection of your money. You will, of course, remain 100% responsible for the way your money is gambled won, or lost. So keep in mind responsible gambling practices and ensure you never gamble more than you can reasonably afford to lose.
  4. Can you Win money with Online Casinos? The best answer for this question is that Yes, in the short term it is very possible to pop online make a few bets and come away in profit. however, the longer you play, and more frequently you play, the odds are set that you do not win. You must always remember that online casinos are not set up for you to win money. Due to the fixed odds and house edge, the objective is for you to lose money.